G. Aeppli (Zürich, Lausanne and PSI)Physics related to Covid-19
L. Balents (Santa Barbara) Superconductivity and topology
M. Bibes (Palaiseau) Spintronics advances in oxide materials
R. Claessen (Würzburg) Photoemission approaches of correlated materials
A. Georges (Paris and CCQ)Theoretical modeling of correlated materials
P. Ghosez (Liège) From first principles to Landau-Ginzburg approaches for oxides
H. Hosono (Tokyo) Electrides, oxide semiconductors and iron-based superconductors
H. Hwang (Stanford) Electronic transport probes for oxides and oxide membranes
P. Jarillo-Herrero (Cambridge, USA)Unconventional electronic states of twisted graphene and dichalcogenides
R. Lobo (Paris) Optical spectroscopy of confined electronic states
A. MacDonald (Austin) Emergent electronic states on Moiré-superlattices
D. Schlom (Cornell) Engineering oxide interfaces and heterostructures utilizing epitaxy
H. Takagi (Stuttgart) Quantum spin-liquids
A. Yazdani (Princeton) Local electronic probes of emergent correlated states

Colloquia speakers list

A. Caviglia (TU Delft)Controlling oxide heterostructures with light
C. de Morais Smith (Utrecht U)Atom-by-atom design of novel quantum states of matter
U. Diebold (TU Wien)The solid-vacuum interface: a look at the atomic scale
J. Fowlie (U Geneva)Perovskite nickelates and heterostructuring
K. Ishizaka (Tokyo U)Materials science with laser photoelectrons
D. Kumah (North Carolina State U)Tailored magnetic and electronic interactions at
complex oxide interfaces
J. Mannhart (MPI Stuttgart)Nonunitary Quantum Electronics – A New World beyond Onsager and Clausius –